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Hungry Chitti

AI enabled Chat-BOT

For Restaurants & Food Delivery Co's
Google Assistant
Facebook Messenger
Designed for Restaurants & Food Delivery Co's.

Highly Intelligent ChatBot

Using chatbots or voice assistants enable your customers to complete orders with payments in the simplest way. Powered by natural language processing and machine learning, restaurants & food delivery companies can tap consumer shopping data and history to provide hyper-personalized and automated customer service experiences.

Simple Just in under 24 hrs

easy adoption in 3 steps

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Just fill the registration from in this website. Upload any Business proof document. It just takes 5 mins and DONE.

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Hungry Chitti / Rehash Technology Ltd. will verify your information and activate your account in under 24 hrs.

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Bingo !

Just creat you own menu items with price. You are on chat platforms like Google Assistant, FB-Messenger etc...

Enrich Your Consumer Experience

Chitti Features


The World's Best Chat-Bot for Restaurants

• Complete Order Management tool with reports and analytics. • Scale and Manage any number of Branches/Franchise stores. • Manage Menu Items and Pricing with taxes using CRM. (Real-Time updates on chat platforms) • Manage Associates and Customers data securely. • Enable options for Takeaway or Delivery orders. • Detailed Billing and Settlement System.

* Integrate with any existing POS or CRM – Contact Us

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